Remembering and reflecting on the 'Battle of Lewisham' in August 1977, when a mobilisation by the far-right National Front in South East London was met by mass opposition

Friday 17 October 2008

November 5th 2008: Deptford.TV Premieres: Black History Month

5 November Deptford Town Hall, New Cross Road, London SE14 6AF

4.30-5.15 Deptford.TV Premieres: Black History Month

Four short films made by Goldsmiths MA Screen Documentary students for Deptford.TV on Deptford’s black history. They look at the story of reggae sound systems in the area, the growth of the black community here, and the racist violence of the 1970s and 1980s, including the New Cross Fire. The films feature Les Back, Joan Anim-Addo, Lez Henry and others

5.30-8.00 Talkoake on se14 6af: What will New Cross be?

Goldsmiths, University of London, is located in the heart of the dynamic and diverse neighbourhood of New Cross. The area is home to emerging creative businesses, deprived council estates and large numbers of students. How do these different communities interact?

A small row of terraced houses along New Cross Road, owned by Goldsmiths, hosts several much-loved local businesses – among them the wonderful Cafe Crema, the world-renowned Prangsta and Danse Macabre design and clothing outlets. New Cross is changing, with the development of parts of the Goldsmiths campus, new luxury residential developments, and the opening of several creative industry businesses. What is the future of New Cross?

As property portfolios are rationalised, it seems possible that the entire street will be swallowed up in a new development. What will happen to Crema and the creative culture it has helped to foster in the area?

On the 5th of November, you are invited to Deptford Town Hall to air your views and envision possible futures at a public Talkaoke, an interactive audience-led talk show on the future of the area.

Talkaoke is is the spontaneous, global/local talk show where anyone can take a seat and air their views around the doughnut of chat. The format was created by The People Speak – a public art collective that develops 'tools for the world to take over itself'. The purpose of this event is to bring together as diverse a collection of interest groups as possible, and provide a safe and enjoyable format for them to challenge each other's perceptions and plans for the area in a constructive way.





The People Speak

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Lewisham 77 on Deptford TV

A number of short films were made last year by the MA Screen Documentary students at Goldsmiths College for Lewisham '77. They can be seen on Deptford.TV's Broadcast Machine, here.

//Twenty minute film:////////

The commemorative walk
Direct Download

//Four minute films://////////

Martin Lux, anti-fascist
Direct Download

rock against racism
Red Saunders on music and anti-fascism
Direct Download

history lessons
Morgan O'Brien, a local socialist
Direct Download

the sound of color
Racism in Lewisham in the 1970s
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//Two minute films://////////

Martin Lux
From the Battle of Cable Street to the Battle of Lewisham
Direct Download

Amina Mangera
South African exiles and the fight against racism in Lewisham
Direct Download

Morgan O'Brien
SWP veteran on the Greenwich dockyard strike of 1977
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stand up get up
Red Saunders remembers 1977
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