Remembering and reflecting on the 'Battle of Lewisham' in August 1977, when a mobilisation by the far-right National Front in South East London was met by mass opposition

Friday, 14 May 2010

The fight goes on: Seventy years of struggle against racism in London

Lewisham Anti-Racist Action Group (LARAG) have created an exhibition on the story of anti-racism in London, including the Battle of Lewisham. Click here to watch as a slide show. The exhibition is available for download (pdf 18MB) and loan.

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David Fisher said...

Great article . These times will be forgotten lest people such as our selves document them as you have done. Just a cursory look at comments on Youtube and other sites on the net shows us that the children of racist's have perpetuated their hate through generations. The threat is still there if only a little more subtle than before... Posted Jan 18th 2011 30 year Anniversary of the New Cross 13..RIP